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  • Commercial Celloglazing Films
  • Jupiter B2 DS
  • Europa B2
  • Matrix 350
  • DF900
  • DF100
  • DF800
  • DI950
  • DI600
  • DI380/425
  • DI200
  • Connect Plus 1000/2000
  • DM1000
  • DM800
  • DM500
  • DM450
  • DM300
  • K700
  • DM120/130/140

Welcome to Essential Office Products

 Welcome to the Essential Office Products website. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Make sure you come back from time to time to view the specials that will be advertised.  We hope they will be of benefit to you. Essential Office Products is a 100% fully owned and operated West Australian company. First established in 1990, the original owners still head up the business today.  If at any stage you would like to talk directly to the owners, Geoff Frampton and Charlie McDonald, please accept our invitation to do so.